Meet Devin Handy

PC: Patrick McKinney

An equestrian athlete himself, Devin Handy knows exactly what equestrian brands, riders, owners, and enthusiasts are after. As a rider and as a consumer of the services offered in the horse world, he knows the shots he would want as a rider and be interested in as a viewer. As the potential for growth using social media becomes Grand Prix high, Devin wants to help the people that share his passion – for the horse and the sport – stand out.

Devin has been inspired by the creative process his whole life. From being a classically trained violinist for over 15 years to creating YouTube videos of travel adventures and concerts in middle school, he has always been infatuated with exploring and capturing artistic styles. An opportunity to produce a promotional video sparked his interest in film production and inspired him to invest in quality equipment to create marketing-worthy films.

Today, he is obsessed with the process of working with clients to build visuals and brands that resonate with their goals. He’s interested not only in creating stellar films but also in creating long-lasting relationships with clients and their dreams.

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